How to make the Copyright symbol and many others on Desktops and laptops

OK…So you want to make the copyright symbol(©), or maybe you want to make the Japanese Yen Symbol(¥), or perhaps the TradeMark logo(™). What ever symbol you want to make can be found by going to the START MENU –> RUN –> then type in ‘charmap’ (without the single quotes) –> then simply click on whatever symbol you would like to use.

CharMap picture on Mr.

CharMap picture on Mr.

If you notice on the lower right hand corner of the image there is an alt + 0169. That means you hold down the alt key while you press 0169. When you release the alt key, the copyright symbol will appear. This works in almost any windows based software.



As I sit here and compose this post I am using a Dell Laptop and running Windows Vista. When using a notebook computer, you will also have to hold down the fn (function) key and instead of using the regular number keys, you must use the function number keys. On my keyboard, these keys are ( m,j,k,l,u,i,o,7,8 and ,9 ). So the sequence on a laptop is to hold down the alt and fn keys while you press 0169 (or m,j,o,9). When you release the alt an fn keys, the copyright symbol will appear.

All of these can be found through the character map on Windows: Trade mark, Yen, Copyright, Registered, Pound Sterling, Paragraph Sign, Fraction One-Half, and many many more

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