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Check Who's On Your IP With

Have you ever wandered why your shared hosting website loads so darn slow? I know I have! And a good reason why, is that your hosting company has overloaded its servers with hundreds of other accounts and forced everyone’s page-load times into the toilet.

But Don’t Worry, there are a few websites out there to help you gather information about this sort of thing. Today we are going to showcase a website called myIPneighbors. You simply go to their website and type in either your domain name or your IP address….THAT’s IT! In about 3 seconds, you’ll know how many other domain names share your IP!

Here we are going to search for a friend’s website, LDU

myIPneighbors Search for

myIPneighbors Search for

And here are the results…

Results for LDU

Results for LDU has the IP address:
and 981 other domains found with the same IP.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that this FREE service is brought to us by this Southern dude located in Charleston, SC and his website is: Also, if you like his FREE service, you might think about donating via the PayPal button on his site.

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2 Responses to “Reverse IP Lookup & Domain DNS Check at – Who Shares Your IP Address on Shared Hosting”

  1. Gravatar Cogidobby

    Hey Whats Up! 🙂

    I’ve just opened a new site offering free incentive gifts to internet junkies who have 5 minutes to contribute to answer some stupid questions on behalf of my affiliates.

    Anyway, it’s worth pimping so check it out…

  2. Gravatar Willis Leehan

    Rather superb entry, very helpful information. Never ever imagined I’d find the information I would like in this article. I have been scouring throughout the web for a while now and was starting to get disappointed. Thankfully, I happened across your page and received precisely what I had been browsing for.

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