11 Inspirational and Well Designed Logos to Inspire Your Next Project

Submit Your Logos to Logo Pond for review and suggestions

Submit Your Logos to Logo Pond for review and suggestions

When developing an new website or business for that matter, perhaps nothing counts so much as your new venture’s image. I am sure that most of you reading this blog have your own website or are atleast planning on starting a new web based project soon. I am here to tell you that the appearance of your site is every bit as important as the content of your site.

Your project’s appearance and branding will all begin with a logo design. Just about every website you have ever surfed to has a logo, be it completely awesome or total carp, in the upper left hand corner. That logo is the most important part of brand building and with that in mind please take a look at these 11 inspirational logos we found at LogoPond

Qool Pictures Logo

Qool Pictures Logo

Wicked Elephant Logo

Wicked Elephant Logo

Thomas Electric Inspiration Logo

Thomas Electric Logo

Invision Production Logo

Invision Production Logo

Fish Lounge Inspiration Logo

Fish Lounge Logo

Fox & Vixen Inspiration Logo

Fox & Vixen Logo

City Love Logo

City Love Logo

Innovolabs Inspiration Logo

Innovolabs Logo

Monkey Business Inspiration Logo

Monkey Business Logo

Green Labs Inspiration Logo

Green Labs Logo

Art Generation Logo

Art Generation Logo

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3 Responses to “11 Inspirational and Well Designed Logos to Inspire Your Next Project”

  1. Gravatar Francis Hwang


    I am the owner of Innovolabs, and this is not the final logo that was used by us from Muku. If you would like the final version, email me and I can give it to you, but I’m glad to hear that people liked it!

  2. Gravatar wedding tie

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