WebValuer.org is a Free Service to Evaluate the Worth of Your Website or Blog

Website Valuation Tool at WebValuer.org Found by mrBup.com

WebValuer.org is a FREE service that evaluates the worth of any website or blog. You can find out how many visitors your site has, how many pages are viewed, and how much your website makes through ad revenue. Some of the software they use at Web Valuer is through compete.com, so you can also check out how your competition stacks ups.

The valuation tool combines data from all across the web, as well as onsite staff who are constantly seeking out new information & revenue data. Their goal is to have an accurate resource that any casual user, advertiser or web entrepreneur can turn to when researching a website.


Although website valuation is not an exact science, Web Valuer.org gives a decent overview of how well your website is doing. Valuations are roughly based on a 3 year multiple. You should keep that in mind before you go and offer Joe Blow Grandma’s entire cookie jar for his 6 month old site, titled HowToSellAWebsiteIn6Monthes.com.

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5 Responses to “WebValuer.org is a Free Service to Evaluate the Worth of Your Website or Blog”

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  3. Gravatar Sean Michael

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  4. Gravatar Paul

    I have to say that your blog is pretty cool. If you could add a few more videos I would really appreciate it!

  5. Gravatar Arnette Tuckey

    I found your Blog while I was searching Yahoo.
    I like what you have going on here. I will defiantley be visiting again soon.

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