RSSOwl is a Great Free & Open Source RSS Feed Reader For many Platform Including Windows, Linux, & MAC OS X

RSS Owl is a Free & Open Source RSS Feed Reader for Your PC Found By

RSS Owl is a Free and Open Source RSS Feed Reader. RSSOwl basically looks and operates like a proficient web or FTP browser. If you have ever used either Fire Fox or FileZilla, you should be right at home with RSSOwl. And, much like FireFox, you can save all of your favorites websites, or in this case, newsfeeds. In fact, the interface easily allows you to add and drop any or all of your favorite subscribed feeds.

Although the main features of RSSOwl are pretty self explanatory, the one feature I really like about it is its search engine. Its very powerful and accurate. In fact, you can easily search for and download podcasts straight to your local hard drive.

RSSOwl has actually released a whole new, from the ground up, version. RSSOwl 2. The goal was to provide a powerful, easy to extend, and easy to use News Feed Reader. The developers used the Eclipse Rich Client Platform framework and db4o database to store all the news. To increase the search capability, they utilized the full-text search engine Lucene. These modernization made it possible to give you the best experience of reading and managing all your news subscriptions.

Screen Shot of RSS Owl, the Free & Open Source RSS Feed Reader for Your PC Found By

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