Opera Web Browser Is a FREE Internet Web Page Surfing Software Alternative to Internet Explorer

Opera is a Free and Open Source way to browse the Internet and WWW Found by MrBup.com

OK..I know I have already shown an example of a FREE & OPEN SOURCE Windows Based Web Browser, and that I declared FireFox to be the best around. The truth is that, in my opinion, FireFox is the best browser for your PC, but Opera has 100% absolutely earned a place on your PC and other systems. It can be run right along side of FireFox as a secondary or backup browser. The other reason I am discussing Opera today is that, IT IS NOT REMOTELY OPEN SOURCE !! IT is however completely FREE !!

Although Many people to use Opera solely on there PCs, I think the greatest feature of Opera is that it can run on you Pocket PC, your Palm OS PDA, and even your Nintendo WII. The Opera Browser runs on your desktop computer. Opera Mini was designed to bring a full website to your PDA or Internet ready cellphone. Opera Mobile was launched in 2000 as the first mobile browser to bring the full Web to the small mobile screen. Opera for devices is the new Opera-powered Nintendo Wii Internet Channel that brings you a second generation of Wii-based Web browsing.

Which Opera Would You Like To DOWNLOAD:

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2 Responses to “Opera Web Browser Is a FREE Internet Web Page Surfing Software Alternative to Internet Explorer”

  1. Gravatar Bob The Builder

    I really don’t think Opera will ever go to Open Source. Why would they?

  2. Gravatar psicoterapeuta roma

    Good resource full of info this blog is !!

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