Easily Create Your Own Family Tree & Stay in Touch With All of Your Loved Ones From All Around the World – COMPLETELY FREE

DynasTree.com allows you to securely create your own family tree online for FREE

Dynastree(pronounced: dynas-tree. I guess a web 2.0 spin off of dynasty), formally titled ‘ItsOurTree‘ is a great website that offers a completely free genealogy program that helps you organize information about your family’s history. With Dynastree you can easily enter your family’s information including names, dates, places, addresses, and much much more. Don’t worry though, they won’t share your family’s personal information with anyone else. Your family tree is for members only, Kind of like how Facebook won’t let anyone view your profile unless you allow them to.

If your standing there thinking that uploading your entire family history and all of its personal information to the World Wide Web just isn’t your cup of tea, then sit back and relax because the good folks at Dyanstree have recently created a desktop home edition. Just like the online version, the desktop application is also 100% COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

If you come across any problems or have any questions they have provided a great information center and help center for you. They also offer the same free service is a variety of other languages.

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