Gmail Gives You Exactly 5 Seconds to Get Your Foot Out of Your Mouth by Adding a Cancel Button

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The boys over at Google Labs have just hit another right out of the park with this Gmail feature. The new UNDO SEND feature of your Gmail account gives you the option of canceling a sent email for 5 seconds after you click ‘send’.

Q – What’s so great about that?

A – Are you high? Are you on something? This is an awesome feature. Have you ever sent out a business email to your boss or to a perspective client only to realize after you sent it that you forgot to attach an important file or worse yet you forgot to run spell check? How stupid did you look? This handy little Gmail feature is your stupidity shield for sent emails.

There are really only 2 steps to using this feature. 1st you need to activate it: Login to your Gmail account –> Click on setting –> Click on the Labs tab –> Scroll down to the ‘Undo Send’ section –> Click ‘Enable’. 2nd you simply need to wait until you put your foot in your mouth and click send. Gmail will then give you the option of ‘Undo’. If you click ‘Undo’ within 5 seconds, your straight and your can edit you email till your hearts content and know will be any the wiser.


Activate this Gmail option by going to 'settings' & then 'Labs'

Activate this Gmail option by going to 'settings' & then 'Labs'

Simply click on UNDO to unsend your mis-stepped email message

Simply click on UNDO to unsend your mis-stepped email message

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