The Simplest FREE File Hosting WebSite Ever is Now Also The Fastest !!

File Dropper is file hosting service that allows you to quickly and easily share all of your goodies. was created as a fresh alternative to sites like MegaUpload and RapidShare. Unlike those sites, FileDropper doesn’t reel you in and make you wait for annoying countdown timers. They don’t try hiding any download links with aggressively placed ads. It really seems like its just a basic friendly service.

The main goal of FileDropper is pretty simple, they just want to offer the most basic file hosting service possible so that you can quickly and easily share all of your goodies.

The first 7 days are free and then after its only ¢99/month for 5GB file size, direct linking for images, share files with others. Your account will also come complete with a handy file manager, password protection for downloading, the ability to make select file and photos private, and also the ability to delete unwanted files.

Click Here To Visit File

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