Completely Free Ways to Check if Your Website’s HTML Web Pages are Compliant & Valid With W3 Standards

Get these FREE W3C validation Badges to proudly display on your website when you code webpages in valid HTML & XHTML

The 2 best ways of validating your websites HTML or XHTML are to use the Validator at or a Firefox addon[plugin] such as my favorite, Html Validator by Marc Gueury.

If you opt for using the Validator at, you will visit their website and type in the URL of the webpage that you want validated. There are many options that you have at your disposal when your run the check. You can view the source code of the webpage and the Validator provides you with line number and what line number the errors, if any, occur.

With the FireFox addons you simply view source of the webpage you are currently on and at the bottom of the screen you will either see the HTML markup is valid or that there are errors in the code. If errors to occur, suggestion on how to fix them will be displayed in the lower right hand corner box. I personally prefer this plugin to visiting the Validator at simply because its quicker and easier.

It should be said that although the Firefox addons validating algorithms are most often based on the rules at W3C they can and have made some mistakes in the past. If it is important to you to be 100% sure that your pages are 100% valid, you might want to take the time and run the Validator Tool at W3C.

On a side note, I made up some new W3C Validation logos for this post. I made an HTML and an XHTML logo. Each is 1550 pixels wide by 546 pixels high. I will post them and a few others later on today. Right now I am going to go and take my dog for a walk in the park.

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