DD-WRT Is Awesome FREE & OPEN SOURCE Linux Based Firmware That Will Turn Your Router Into a BEAST !!


Q1:What is DD-WRT?
A1:Read the title of this blog posting. JK…DD-WRT is free Linux-based firmware for several wireless routers, most notably the Linksys WRT54G (including the WRT54GL and WRT54GS). It is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.

Q2:Why would I want to upgrade my router’s stock firmware?
A2:Because with DD-WRT firmware you can boost your wireless signal, prioritize what programs get the most bandwidth, turn your router into a repeater (to bounce a wireless signal outside onto you back patio), turn your wireless router into a reciever (to recieve a signal from another router on your network [more on this topic later…]), and/or because all the cool kids are doing it.

Ok so now that you know why you want to upgrade your router’s firmware to Open Source DD-WRT, here the how:

  1. 1 – Determine if your router can use DD-WRT by clicking here.
  2. 2 – Download the latest and greatest version of DD-WRT firmware.
  3. 3 – Follow these instructions if you are using a Linksys WRT54G.
  4. 4 – Follow the Peacock Thread instructions for everything else.
  5. 5 – Post all of your questions in the comments area and I will gladly answer all of them.

I promise, you guys are going to love what can be done with this awesome firmware upgrade.

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10 Responses to “DD-WRT Is Awesome FREE & OPEN SOURCE Linux Based Firmware That Will Turn Your Router Into a BEAST !!”

  1. Gravatar Corey Arbogast

    Very nice information. Thanks for this.

  2. Gravatar Amber

    Awesome post!

  3. Gravatar Jon

    It’s NOT free.

  4. Gravatar Sean Michael

    Yes it is

  5. Gravatar DD-wrt

    Thanks for the Great resource! also I just found this information for the spanish guys: http://www.dd-wrtenespanol.com/instalar-firmware-ddwrt/

  6. Gravatar SeanMichael

    Alright…thats pretty cool…

  7. Gravatar Alesia Seale

    Wow You did a really good job on this thing.

  8. Gravatar SeanMichael

    Hey Thanks a lot…I appreciate it 🙂

  9. Gravatar Issac Braff

    Would it be possible to get permission to use some of your posts on forums with a link?

  10. Gravatar SeanMichael

    Only via a trackback

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