The BEST Damn Digital Cell Phone EVER!! HTC Touch Pro 2 that Runs Google Android

The BEST damn Digital Cell Phone EVER!! HTC Touch Pro 2 that Runs Google Android - thanks to the boys over at Android on HTC

A while back I bought an HTC Hero through Sprint and had tons of problems with it. After hundreds of phones calls with Sprint technical support(pull the battery and wait 30 seconds), I decided to mail the thing back and then I figured I’d try out the new HTC Touch Pro 2. What an awesome phone! I really can’t say enough good things about it. The build quality alone was far superior to any other phone I had ever used. But I really just don’t like Windows Mobile. So I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if this phone ran on Android.” So I began to dig around a bit and came across this awesome site: thats Android on

The whole site is exclusively dedicated to the porting of the Android platform to all HTC devices. For information on the progress of the HTC Touch Pro 2(the Rhodium Project) being able to run Android follow this link: PORTING STATUS RIGHT HERE.

The porting process is not 100% complete, but it’s almost there. When all of those check boxes are filled in green, I will absolutely port my TP2 over to Android, but in the mean time I picked up a Samsung Moment from Best Buy.

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