Songbird is a Cross Platform Free & Open Source Desktop Media Player Designed for the World Wide Web

Songbird is a FREE & Open Source customizable music player

Songbird is an open-source customizable music player that is always under active development. Its is a new type media player, specifically designed with the future in mind. While most media players are still focusing on local music only, Songbird is currently looking to the constantly-changing landscape of the World Wide Web for guidance. What the crap does that mean? Simply put, Songbird allows you to ‘play’ the web. Instead of needing separate applications to search for, download, and listen to music, Songbird allows you to do it all from one simple program, with an astounding level of integration between the Web and your music.

Songbird views web pages as dynamic playlists to play, save, download or subscribe to much like an RSS feed would be subscribed to with RSSOwl. And just like RSSOwl, SONGBIRD IS 100% COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE, OPEN SOURCE, AND TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE WITH ADD-ONS.

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Jahshaka is a Full Feature Free and Open Source Video Editing Software Suite

Jahshaka is a Full Feature Free and Open Source Video Editing Software Suite Found by

Imagine if you could edit movies with flexibility and speed, create effects in real time, and animate with unlimited features. Jahshaka allows you to do just that plus much much more. With Jahshaka, you can paint and design on moving video, create music with all the tools professionals use, and work in any format at any resolution. Basically the sky is the limit.

Jahshaka uses todays next-generation hardware to do everything in real time, regardless of what box you are running on. Thanks to the power and economics of mass markets, todays pc’s come with everything you need to create any kind of media you want. Todays graphics cards would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars just a few years ago… and deliver an unbelievable level of power and speed into your hands. This is the power that drives jahshaka.

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CamStudio is a Free and Open Source Alternative to Camtasia for making ScreenCasts (Screen Capture Movies)- SAVE 300 USD

CamStudio is a great FREE & OPEN SOURCE Tool For Making Screen Casts Found by

CamStudio is a free video screen capture (screencast) program that allows the user to have complete control. The user can select a specific area of the screen or the whole screen. They can choose to record audio from the computer’s speakers or from a microphone, making this a great program for tutorial makers. It’s simple-to-use interface can attract even the most novice user.

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Flowplayer is a Flash Video Player for Embedding Video Streams into Your Website

Flow Player is A Free & Open Source Embedded Video Player for Your Website.

Flow Player considers itself to be YouTube’s video player’s big brother, and they very good reason to think so.

Today, most of the World Wide Web’s video activity occurs strictly on Even videos that are placed on your own personal websites are often shown using the YouTube video player. The drawback with this is that people are escaping your website and watching more videos hosted on YouTube. Its hard enough to develop new site traffic without having to give it away to other YouTube video producers. Additionally the YouTube logo is highly visible on every single video you produced and host on YouTube.

Flow Player is a free and open source solution to this problem. With Flow Player you can host and proudly display your own videos in any number of ways. The folks over at Flow Player are always developing new and interesting plugins to make your visitors’ video viewing much more enjoyable. You can customize your Flow Player install in any number of ways(see demos for examples). And if you feel like you need a little help with optimizing Flow Player, click here for some tutorials.

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