is an Online Repository of over 15000 DLL Files to Fix Your PC Problems for Free

The website allows you to search alphabetically and download any Dll files that you need to fix your PC computer for FREE. is an awesome online collection of over 15000 Dynamic Link Library( DLL’s ) that are available for free download to anyone who wants them. If your PC has ever crashed due to a lost, corrupted, or accidentally deleted DLL, then this is the site for you. All 15,000 DLL’s are organized alphabetically, so searching for one in particular is a complete snap.

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Tags: , , , , , Allows You to Insert Multiple Links into One Combined Shorted URL Allows You to Insert Multiple Links into One Combined Shorted URL That You Can Email a Friend allows you to shorten your big, ugly, variable filled URLs very much like TinyURL does, but takes this practice one giant step further. With this one elegantly simple service, you will never have to worry about broken URL’s in your e-mails, forum posts, IM messages, & SMS text messages again.

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Completely Free Ways to Check if Your Website’s HTML Web Pages are Compliant & Valid With W3 Standards

Get these FREE W3C validation Badges to proudly display on your website when you code webpages in valid HTML & XHTML

The 2 best ways of validating your websites HTML or XHTML are to use the Validator at or a Firefox addon[plugin] such as my favorite, Html Validator by Marc Gueury.

If you opt for using the Validator at, you will visit their website and type in the URL of the webpage that you want validated. There are many options that you have at your disposal when your run the check. You can view the source code of the webpage and the Validator provides you with line number and what line number the errors, if any, occur.

With the FireFox addons you simply view source of the webpage you are currently on and at the bottom of the screen you will either see the HTML markup is valid or that there are errors in the code. If errors to occur, suggestion on how to fix them will be displayed in the lower right hand corner box. I personally prefer this plugin to visiting the Validator at simply because its quicker and easier.

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Gmail Gives You Exactly 5 Seconds to Get Your Foot Out of Your Mouth by Adding a Cancel Button

Gmail is Google Online Webmail Email Client and Blocks Major Spam

The boys over at Google Labs have just hit another right out of the park with this Gmail feature. The new UNDO SEND feature of your Gmail account gives you the option of canceling a sent email for 5 seconds after you click ‘send’.

Q – What’s so great about that?

A – Are you high? Are you on something? This is an awesome feature. Have you ever sent out a business email to your boss or to a perspective client only to realize after you sent it that you forgot to attach an important file or worse yet you forgot to run spell check? How stupid did you look? This handy little Gmail feature is your stupidity shield for sent emails.

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How to make the Copyright symbol and many others on Desktops and laptops

OK…So you want to make the copyright symbol(©), or maybe you want to make the Japanese Yen Symbol(¥), or perhaps the TradeMark logo(™). What ever symbol you want to make can be found by going to the START MENU –> RUN –> then type in ‘charmap’ (without the single quotes) –> then simply click on whatever symbol you would like to use.

CharMap picture on Mr.

CharMap picture on Mr.

If you notice on the lower right hand corner of the image there is an alt + 0169. That means you hold down the alt key while you press 0169. When you release the alt key, the copyright symbol will appear. This works in almost any windows based software.

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