What the hell are wordpress post tags anyway??

OK…  So you just installed WordPress on your server for the very fist time and your super jazzed about getting your thoughts out.  The only problem is that you have absolutely no idea how to navigate WordPress Software.  Don’t worry, the fine people at WordPress have been doing this for quite some time and decided to help the thousands of new wordpressers out there by creating this friendly users manual.

Everybody has questions when they learn something new so don’t worry. When I first started, I wanted to know what the heck TAGS were.  Whenever you post to your WordPress blog, you have the option to add tags.  I had never used tags and I was quite serious about learning everything I could about WordPress, so I went to the user’s manual and read that TAGS are essentially the same things as categories.  The difference seems to be that some people prefer to click in the tag cloud while some people prefer to search by category.

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