Re-Brand Yourself or Your Business with the Global Domain Extension .CO – Register Online Now

Re-Brand Yourself or Your Business with the Global Domain Extension .CO – Register Online Now recently announced that anyone can pre-register a new .CO domain name for $29.99/year. This extension used to be reserved for Columbia, but it is now being rebranded and rereleased to the general public all across the world. If you want to pre-register a new .CO domain, you can visit and follow their two easy steps.

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Website Valuation Tool at Found by is a FREE service that evaluates the worth of any website or blog. You can find out how many visitors your site has, how many pages are viewed, and how much your website makes through ad revenue. Some of the software they use at Web Valuer is through, so you can also check out how your competition stacks ups.

The valuation tool combines data from all across the web, as well as onsite staff who are constantly seeking out new information & revenue data. Their goal is to have an accurate resource that any casual user, advertiser or web entrepreneur can turn to when researching a website.

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Simple Invoices is an Open Source, Web-Based Invoicing PHP & MySQL Driven Application

Simple Invoices is Free and Open Source PHP MySQL Invoice Software

Simple Invoices is a Free & Open Source Software package developed and designed to get the job done. There’s no hype, there’s no buzz words, and there are no features you aren’t going to use. It’s was developed with freelancers, small businesses, and non-profit organizations that need casual invoicing.

You can customize you copy of Simple Invoice with a the available templates and plugin extensions. You can even run Simple Invoices on your desktop when you have WAMP installed and running.

Some Features:

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PrestaShop™ is a professional free PHP driven open-source e-Commerce shopping cart

prestashop E-commerce Store Front Logo

prestashop E-commerce Store Front Logo

PrestaShop is a completely free and open-source e-commerce solution. What does that mean to you? It means that you’re never ‘locked’ to expensive commercial software and you never have to pay for support.

PrestaShop shop owners appreciate the easy to use admin tools for adding and fine-tuning their storefronts. With the new & sophisticated admin area, functionality is added regularly by the development team and shop owners don’t need to rely on others to make their store fronts look and act the way they want it to.

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