is an Online Repository of over 15000 DLL Files to Fix Your PC Problems for Free

The website allows you to search alphabetically and download any Dll files that you need to fix your PC computer for FREE. is an awesome online collection of over 15000 Dynamic Link Library( DLL’s ) that are available for free download to anyone who wants them. If your PC has ever crashed due to a lost, corrupted, or accidentally deleted DLL, then this is the site for you. All 15,000 DLL’s are organized alphabetically, so searching for one in particular is a complete snap.

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Modify and Hack the Crap Out of Your Kid’s Power Wheels or Peg-Perego Ride on Toy

Peg-Perego FJCruiser seats two and goes 5 mph!! right out of the box from Wal-Mart.

I recently came across Modified Power while searching Google for ways to increase the speed of my son’s new Toyota FJ Cruiser Peg-Perego ride on toy(no, its not made by Power Wheels). I picked one up at Walley World the other day for his birthday present and needless to say, I got a GREAT DEAL. When I got home and finished assembly with the help of my boy, we went to Modified Power Wheels and found ways to add an additional battery under the hood to increase the speed all the way to 12 MPH !!

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